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Here he teaches the importance of diurnal versus nocturnal charts, as the starting point of the Firdaria is the Sun or Moon depending on the type of chart. Profections move the Sun along by a sign each year, while transits show the planets real time effects on us. There are chapters on secondary progressions, directing by bounds, primary directions, eclipses, solar and lunar returns, and the book ends with a chapter on rectification.

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This is a lot of information and each chapter is a complete explanation of the technique, with references to a source if you want even more detail. His chapter on transits, a familiar technique to most astrologers, is excellent and a great tool for reference.

Oner is a natural teacher with his Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th house. Oner uses his chart as the example for the various techniques he teaches. As you read the book you get to know this intelligent and likable colleague. This is a book that fills in gaps in one's education. It is a book that can replace the many books you bought but couldn't understand. This is the textbook you want if you want to learn a new predictive technique. Each chapter is complete on its own so you can pick the things you want to learn. I finally understand Triplicities but know that the math in primary directions is something that I may not want to tackle.

You will be happy that you own this book. Mountain Astrologer Review by Mary Plumb. This book from Fernandez is a contribution to what is sometimes known as Evolutionary Astrology, basically an astrology that assumes the notion of reincarnation and considers the spiritual growth of the individual. He establishes his foundational points thoroughly and then builds from there, repeating as necessary and thus making the work accessible to beginners. I was captivated at the very beginning by his understanding of the elements as indicators of a way of experiencing life. Although this approach may sound oversimplified to more advanced students, Fernandez offers a description of the essence of each archetype that is deeper, and yet easier to grasp, than similar delineations in many other books.

Although this is a fine, all-around book for those who are drawn to this kind of spiritual approach, the author is particularly insightful about the Moon.

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He describes the Moon, in part, as where and how we take in new experiences, and he sees it as a key to evolutionary growth. Fernandez then describes the three stages within each level and gives examples of each, making this part of the book an in-depth exploration of how evolution occurs and how it can be understood through the astrological archetypes. Maurice Fernandez writes with a sense of familiarity and yet humility about this tricky business of consciousness levels.

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There are other models for measuring levels of consciousness out there Gurdjieff and Dr. Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness obviously covers expansive themes, and the layout and design of the book serve it well. There are attractive chart wheels and bold and bulleted points.

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He achieves his goal. Maurice Fernandez writes about our fall from the universal oneness symbolized by Pisces that happens as we take birth and how we can best handle the fact that we are now alive in a world of duality.

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Chapter 1 describes the seven evolutionary phases of development. It is important to read this section first before skipping ahead to read about your particular signature so that you will understand the deep meaning of the book. The developmental phases of the Pisces archetype are:. After explaining these stages so that one can understand their meanings, Maurice goes on to Section 2 which brings in the specifics of the signatures of Pisces with each sign and in each house.

He is scarily correct in these descriptions. You recognize yourself and your friends and family and feel that Maurice is talking to YOU. You realize that this is accurate information and therefore safe to use when working with clients.

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At the end of each sign description he tells you the things that you must Forgive and Accept, gives you an affirmation, a challenge, a gift, and the path to happiness. There are a couple of chart examples for each sign. The third section is called Neptune in Transit.

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Maurice describes the current transit of Neptune in Pisces, which is happening while the book was being written and rewritten. He then looks back to the previous transit of Neptune in Pisces and draws parallels to the present transit He gives suggestions of what we might expect in the coming years as Neptune proceeds towards his entry into Aries. He steers your thinking in the right direction so that you may become a force towards the positive outcome of the transit. Neptune and Pisces and the 12th house teach surrender, and this is a good way to read this book. Trust that you can absorb this material and be influenced by it with good results.

Your left brain will be happy that the writing is well organized with good summaries of each segment, making it easy to refer back to and also to get the gist of the meaning so that you can remember it.

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  5. Maurice is a good writer who writes with clarity and gives images and specific details. This is a big book with a wealth of information. He uses many words yet there are no excess words so that it is a pleasure to read. It is not redundant with the other books on Neptune as it has its unique slant, that of Evolutionary Astrology, making it spiritual yet realistic. Maurice is talking to your soul about its journey in this incarnation. This book takes a place among the classics of astrological literature. It belongs on your bookshelf.

    Why are the planets named as they are? Who decides the name for a planet, especially for the newly discovered objects? What has been the result of astronomers deciding that Pluto is no longer to be designated as a planet? These are the questions that form the basis of this book. Ancient astrology was based on observation of the night sky We no longer do this.

    The new names have not yet stood the test of time. There is also the fact that astronomers are discovering belts and zones of planet-like objects. The book ponders how we, as astrologers, deal with these new discoveries.

    There is a chapter on the importance of naming, stating that names create reality and that once perceptions are set it is hard to change them. She describes in detail the interesting processes of how Uranus and Neptune received their names. Pluto has his own chapter and in it she suggests that the reclassification of Pluto as a dwarf planet is indicative of an astrological paradigm shift.

    Pluto has now been reclassified to his status as a planet. This does not change the purpose of this book. It holds its value as the history of the event and will be of use to astrologers in the future who wonder how such a thing happened and why Pluto was seen as a dwarf planet between and This book makes us think about the astrology that we take for granted and opens questions as to how to use the new discoveries. It is well documented with footnotes. My only suggestion is that I would have preferred to have the many charts she discusses printed.

    Patricia gives us a good summery of the work done by some master astrologers such as Rob Hand, Nicolas Campion, and Bernadette Brady. We are introduced to their work so that we become familiar with it even if we have never read it. She quotes and credits many other astrologers. It is a great read for the thinking person who loves new ideas to chew on. This is a good book. Night sky lovers who enjoy looking at the stars can use this book as a reference to identify major constellations and learn about star legends and lore.

    Aleksandar Imsiragic, describes fixed stars with mythological codes for the corresponding constellations. He intelligently designs his book in very specific sections, with important illustrations including how the stars align with each degree of the Zodiac, and many detailed reference tables throughout. In the first extensive section, the author outlines where the fixed stars are located through the 12 Zodiac signs by each degree.

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    The next section lists the fixed stars as they appear in the Zodiac constellations. The continuing chapters expand the descriptions of constellations beyond the ecliptic, with a special emphasis on the "Royal Family of Constellations". The author summaries in detail the mythological origins and astrological influences behind these constellations. He adds richness by listing the seven visible planets and the meaning associated with these planets align with specific stars. In the final chapters of the book, the author includes a very rich section called "The Anatomy of Constellations".

    For example, stars in the head of a constellation are symbolic of taking the lead, arms are associated with practical detail, while stars in the legs represent social connections. Here, the author asserts " by understanding the anatomy of a constellation, we can see how the meaning of a star will literally manifest in the body ". Aleksandar Imsiragic concludes his epic reference book over pages with a surprising and touching chapter called "The Son of Orion and The Virgin". Here, he includes research indicating planet patterns for the birth of Christ and the Star of Bethlehem.

    Seasoned astrologers may easily use this book as a great reference for personal or professional practice.