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Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner. Get in early for big discounts. Although Lucky Magazine has also included a link to their presence on Foursquare. The page is visually appealing with posts that contain photos and captions, and the ability to see the photos in high resolution, too.

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Some may be as wide as pixels and as high as The posts are generally photos with captions that consist of two to four tags. There are share buttons from posts to Facebook and Twitter. The blog is simple and clean. This is a blog that relies heavily on photos and captions.


A post may be showcasing fashion for Spring , or bring back a photo from In either case, the photos generally speak for themselves. Some literally do, while others may have one word e. Users can ask questions and follow on social sites.

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One network they make a point of emphasizing is following them on Pinterest , where they have a large following of nearly 50, Sites like Pew Internet will appeal to business users with the type of infographics and research findings that Pew Internet is known and respected for. At times they will ask a question within the post and provide an answer box where users can comment.

One very cool feature is Browse All Tags , which is a word cloud of tags that stretches far down the page. There are links to their presences on some of the usual social sites. GQ also uses a secondary blog, GQ Fashion , that like their primary blog uses photos.

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Their purpose is to demonstrate fashion with brief, simple captions. The primary blog includes a link to subscribe to the magazine and another to get the apps on iTunes but according to the error message, does not work in the U. Rocketboom , the daily international news and entertainment network of online programming based in New York City, has a Tumblr blog where photos can be anything from dogs in costumes to a photo of poet Sylvia Plath commemorating her birthday. Rocketboom is also among a small number on this list that are using a mobile-friendly version of their site.

The photos link to their Instagram account. Shapeways has presences on multiple social networking sites Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube and one of the notable features on their Tumblr home page is the ability to see a list of recent tweets in the side column. Tips for Architecture School is a Tumblr blog started by Mark Perrett, a designer, who uses his blog as a resource for people studying architecture or planning.

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I love the concept of a blog. It is like a digital avatar for your brain. She rarely gave interviews, but had special relationships with film historians John Kobal and Kevin Brownlow. In the s she was interviewed extensively, on film, for the documentaries Memories of Berlin: The Twilight of Weimar Culture , produced and directed by Gary Conklin, and for the documentary series Hollywood by Brownlow and David Gill.

Lulu in Berlin is another rare filmed interview, produced by Richard Leacock and Susan Woll, released a year before her death, but filmed a decade earlier. By her own admission, Brooks was a sexually liberated woman, not afraid to experiment, even posing fully nude for art photography, and her liaisons with many film people were legendary, although much of it is speculation.

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Brooks enjoyed fostering speculation about her sexuality, cultivating friendships with lesbian and bisexual women including Pepi Lederer and Peggy Fears, but eschewing relationships. She admitted to some lesbian dalliances, including a one-night stand with Greta Garbo. Despite all this, she considered herself neither lesbian nor bisexual:. All my life it has been fun for me. But that is one point upon which I agree positively with [Christopher] Isherwood: There is no such thing as bisexuality.

In love , they may be more conventional, choosing a partner who is sympathetic and tender. They need to feel emotionally protected and nurtured by their mate, especially when a personal crisis threatens. April 14 people draw a good deal of strength from family values.

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  4. They are profoundly influenced by their own role as a parent and may consider it their most important and worthwhile undertaking. They expect a lot from their children but are not preachy.

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    They may bloom with vitality, yet there is a sense of fragility at the core of April 14 individuals that inspires friends and loved ones to care for them. Sleep disorders can be a problem.

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    To ease this condition, they should limit the amount of television they watch.